Who We Are

The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe’s gateway to space. The Czech Republic has been a member of ESA since 2008. With its main purpose to coordinate and support the development of European space activities, ESA also ensures that related investments bring long term benefits to the Europeans. Technology transfer is a way to achieve that, and that is why the Technology Broker team is here. 

Technology transfer aims to increase the frequency of knowledge and technology transfers from ESA space programs to non-space sectors. That includes companies or universities working in the development of space technologies to other industrial areas outside the space sector.

The potential of space technologies engages a wide variety of companies which solve diverse challenges. Leveraging existing know-how and technology for space use often lays down a path for use in the non-space sector. Connecting the non-space sector with space technology provides a competitive advantage for diverse entities through access to innovative space technology solutions. 

A broad range of Czech industries benefit from the technology transfer actively monitored by the Technology Broker team by accessing product and process innovations, while enhancing their resistance to future technology challenges. 

 Find selected European space technologies at: https://spacesolutions.esa.int/

ESA Technology Broker operates under The Technology Centre Prague (TC), hereafter TC, which has been cooperating with ESA (European Space Agency) since 2015. ESA Technology Broker team is a part of Business Support Department. Currently, the four year project (2021-2025) provides not only a fast track to technology transfer, but also an option of Spark Funding, under which up to nine Czech companies may access finance for a project demonstration with the aim of successfully implementing a pilot technology transfer.

The TC was established in 1994 as a non-profit association of legal entities. The TC is a key national institution providing information and consulting services about European Framework Programmes for research, development and innovation, performs international technology transfer and carries out oriented research in the area of science, technologies and innovations.

The mission of TC consists of support in participation of the Czech Republic in the European Research Area, support in analytical and conceptual studies for R&D, development of SMEs and performance of international technology transfers.